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SMArt corporate locker solutions

Corporations need effective technology solutions to support today’s work practices and to optimize efficiency and productivity in the workplace. With mobile workforces and agile work environments, intelligent package management and delivery tracking solutions and day storage systems need to be able to cater, if not, enable mobility and flexibility.

Developed in collaboration with the world’s largest corporations, TZ’s Corporate SMArt Package Management Locker and SMArt Day Locker Storage Solutions are designed for the agile office enabling productivity goals and workplace transformation objectives to be achieved.


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TZ SMArt Lockers IoT

Built for

An integral part of your system

Designed to seamlessly integrate with external third-party systems such as Building Management, Active Directory, HR systems, Security systems, Email systems, Mobile phone applications, TZ SMArt Locker Solutions can readily become a part of a corporation’s ecosystem.

Big data

Informed decisions

Within a fully networked environment,  TZ SMArt Locker solutions provide real-time monitoring and data aggregation at various levels of granularity – from the discrete Locker Banks down to the individual Locker itself.

TZ software

Let us customize your solution

TZ is a technology provider that offers a complete end-to-end electronic hardware and software platform that is customer centric and customized to meet business rules and requirements, functional work practices and integration needs.

Package Management

Positively adept

Corporate mailrooms can receive 500 to 1,000 accountable packages each day.  Is your current mail distribution system capable of managing this exponential growth in package deliveries? TZ SMArt Package Management Locker systems can dramatically improve package delivery logistics within your organizations, and provide an effective means to safeguard valuable packaged assets and ensure end-to-end chain of custody.


Employee Day Storage

Positively agile

A secure locker that enables employees to store their personal belongings is no longer enough.  With an agile work environment, an intelligent solution needs to address mobility and flexibility in the workplace and accommodate a wide range of possible usage scenarios – permanent use, temporary use, guest use or shared use. TZ SMArt Day Lockers systems can truly transform your workspace – increasing employee satisfaction, maximizing team productivity and optimizing interior real estate.


IT Asset Management

Positively accountable

As the agile workplace continues to challenge traditional business processes and traditional working hours, you need a flexible, responsive solution for the distribution and management of IT assets. TZ SMArt Asset Management Locker systems make it safe and easy for assets to be stored, returned or replenished 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with a complete access tracking.


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